Through The Society of Neuro-Linguistic Programming of Dr. Richard Bandler, I am licensed to train and certify new coaches . You can now register for the coaching training course of six days. The first module of three days focuses on coaching foundations. The second module of another three days: coaching practices. If you have concluded the Licensed NLP Practitioner and NLP Master Practitioner courses (and received your certification through the Society), after this program you will be an international Licensed NLP coach™. This title allows you to professionally coach people wherever in the world you are. Or wherever they are! More details here.

Assisting trainer with other international trainers at Richard Bandler's Master Practitioner and Practitioner seminars!

In October 2016 I was a member of the assisting team of international NLP trainers for Dr Bandler and John and Kahtleen La Valle in London. I assisted 250 new students from all over the world to taking in the NLP learnings and techniques. A unique opportunity to deepen my skills so close to the co-founder of NLP and continue learning from the most experienced NLP trainers in the world! I could not be more grateful for having been given this chance.

The one-day workshop NLP and Communication is an excellent way to get a taste of NLP. Read below the testimonial of one of the participants:

"I had the pleasure of experiencing a 1-day NLP-workshop of Joan, last October (2015). I absolutely enjoyed it. In this short introductory workshop I learned all the basics of NLP. Joan is a very good speaker, teacher and coach. Her way of teaching made sure I learned as much as possible in a short amount of time. Very good workshop, thanks Joan. I am looking forward to following your complete NLP-training in 2016." P. van Dam

More exciting and inspiring workshops are planned in the coming months. See dates. Or check the Groupon deals for special offers. You can also contact me through the Contact form.

Why won't you be able to do it if you haven't tried it yet?

In the Practitioner course you will be given ample time, tools and assistance to find and identify your inner resources and how to use them effectively. You will start recognizing beliefs that have kept you from becoming better and happier, like: "Oh, that's not for me" or: "I will never be able to do that". While you learn how to break through these (self-imposed) beliefs, a whole new world of possibilities may open up to you. Feel free to call me and find out more.

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