Fast Phobia Cure

Anna overcame her fear of spiders

As far as I can remember spiders always caused a panic attack in me: I had to scream; I could not even come close to a spider no matter big or small. I relied on my family and friends to rescue me by removing spiders out of the house.

For the fast phobia cure, I used my scariest memory: when I was around 12, I entered my room in my parent's country house and an ugly grey spider was on my pillow!

After the cure, when I first saw the spiders brought in, I felt stressed. I still couldn’t believe I could handle seeing a spider close to me, let alone touch it. But I was determined to overcome my phobia, so I asked my husband to put one of those skins that spiders loose when they grow on a piece of paper and give it to me. Then he removed the paper and the skin stayed in my hand. I suddenly felt that the skin is fluffy and nice to touch.

I got more curious about these little creatures. The information given by the owner of the spiders about the behaviour of the spiders allowed me to relax. The owner then suggested that I hold a smaller real spider, so I agreed to try even though I was still scared. She held it in her hand and I put my hand next to hers. The moment the leg of the spider touched my hand, I realised that it feels quite nice and became less scared. I was still feeling slightly stressed but even more curious about spiders.

I was ready to hold the large female tarantula, Fluffy! I put my hand on the table and Fluffy slowly stepped on it … During its first steps on my hand I was still feeling cautious but, by the time Fluffy was completely on my hand, I felt very happy that I was able to hold it on my hand.

I felt very proud of myself when I was holding her. I also felt relieved as I realised that I had nothing to be afraid of. I felt that my fear was kind of ‘fake’ for all these years as there is nothing to be scared of in reality!!!

Anna Klimovich
April 2018

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