Practice and deepen your NLP skills

This monthly gathering of NLP Practitioners, NLP Master Practitioners, NLP coaches and NLP trainers is meant to deepen NLP skills and together further experiment with NLP tools. It is also helpful to exchange experiences, whether your own internal ones or interpersonal and professional ones. Once a month. English spoken. A small fee of EUR 5.00 p.p. is required for room rental.

Upcoming meeting: 14 March 2018 - coaching with NLP

Past meetings (2017):
Monday 18 September: Metaphors
Monday 23 August: Milton language patterns
Monday 17 July: Strategy elicitation
Monday 12 June: Anchoring
Monday 8 May: fast phobia cure
Monday 13 March: Reframe

Past meetings (2016):
Wednesday 18 May: Submodalities
Wednesday 15 June: Representational System words and phrases
Monday 29 August: Meta Model, enhancing your model of the world
Monday 3 October: Rapport, earning the right to influence
Monday 14 November: Communication
Monday 12 December: Neurological levels, on your way to congruency in life


Cultural Centre, Korte Lombardstraat 6, 1st floor,
2512 VR Den Haag